Animate Your Life

with MojiMash

Ready to take your social media and direct messaging content to the next level?

We are proud to present MojiMash, an animated emoji face recognition app featuring you and your favorite characters, creatures, animals, and more!

MojiMash is now live in the Apple iTunes store! Check out the button below for more information!

Pick your favorite and start sharing!

Be Creative With Your Messaging

Utilizing your smartphone’s front-facing camera, MojiMash will detect your facial expressions and movements, replicating them with an animated character’s face in real time. Almost like a mask, the character face will not only replace yours but also replicate whatever facial gestures you make.

After you’ve picked a face you like, you’re ready to share your message with the world. Take a picture or hit record with the app’s photo interface, saving up to 30 seconds of your own personalized message!

Pick a character and hit record

Impress Your Friends

MojiMash is the exciting new way to share photos, messages, and videos with your friends and family!

Shocked by the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Choose a face, become a zombie, and scare your friends! Loving a hit new song and want to sing to your heart’s content? Have your favorite animal belt it out!

MojiMash’s recording and sharing capabilities will instantly upgrade your social media and messaging!


What You Get

Countless Characters

MojiMash already has tons to choose from, but even more of your favorite characters are coming soon. Check back to see what we are working on!

Camera Capabilities

With special photo and record buttons, you won’t have to fumble with side buttons to take a screenshot! Videos are even easier. Record up to 30 seconds of video and audio.

Unique Messaging

With every character, monster, and creature, MojiMash offers everyone unique message experiences! Laugh, sing, cheer, or rant – MojiMash gives you the control.

Social Media Sharing

MojiMash offers the freedom of sharing: Post to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more!

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Check out MojiMash today!

MojiMash is now live in the Apple iTunes store! Check out the button below for more information!

Requires WiFi connection to download