The Donald Is Going to Make Animojis Great Again

Waterford, MI, September 20, 2018 — Engineus LLC, a mobile application engineering company, has released the exciting new app MojiMash, along with new animated characters, including The Donald.

With the current climate in politics, MojiMash is giving users an even better way to entertain friends and family. Introducing The Donald, a cartoon realistic version of the 46th President of the United States. The Donald is not just for one side of the aisle; users from either side of the political spectrum can use this character within MojiMash. Share with friends and family via one click to all the popular social sites and express your inner Animoji to everyone!

The Donald is the first of many other political characters currently in the works for the MojiMash app. Characters like The Barry, The SOS Hillary, Slick Willy, RocketMan, and more are currently in development by the Engineus team.

MojiMash does not just focus solely on political satire. MojiMash gives its users the ability to speak their mind, rant, yell, and cheer with animated, realistic character faces. The app offers a wide variety of different characters, like cats, dogs, zombies, and sports mascots. Users can support national nonprofit organizations like the Humane Society through a purchase of one of the dog or cat characters.

MojiMash and The Donald are now available on the Apple iTunes Store. Development is underway for all new iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy 9 devices.

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About Engineus

Engineus is an app engineering company with one goal in mind: taking iOS and Android app development to the next level. Engineus is one of the only mobile app development companies proficient and experienced with existing mobile facial recognition software. Learn more about Engineus at, or about their app, MojiMash, at

Engineus is a private company and not affiliated with any political organization, “The Donald” and other political characters are for entertainment purposes only.


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